Monday, May 18, 2009

Chinese medicine company completes reverse merger with BVI holding group

On May 7, 2009, Domain Registration Corp., which is now in the process of changing its name into BioPharm Asia, Inc., acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of the British Virgin Islands-based China Northern Pharmacy Holding Group Limited (CNPH). The company has preliminarily completed the integration of industry chain, extending the sole trading business (including terminal chain stores, distribution and wholesale business). The Board of Directors of Domain Registration Corp. has adopted certain amendments, which include name change to BioPharm Asia, Inc., which shall become effective upon shareholder approval and the supply of information to the SEC.

BVI-registered CNPH is a holding company that acquired all of the outstanding stock of China Northern Pharmacy Holding Group Limited based in Hong Kong (CNPH HK), the company that owns two operating subsidiaries focused on pharmaceutical logistics and distribution as well as the sale of herbal products throughout China. Through these two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Domain Registration Corp. is planning to create a comprehensive pharmaceutical company in China, and an integrated industry chain.

The company which will be named BioPharm Asia intends to further include into its business Tibetan pharmacies, healthcare and medicine delivery services.

Future BioPharm Asia held a press conference concerning the successful reverse merger, which was attended by some institutional investors and investment banks from the United States, and entrepreneurs from approximately 50 well-known Chinese pharmaceutical companies, medicine distributors and pharmacy chains.