Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BVI company to carry negotiations in Southern Africa

Mineseeker Operations Overseas Limited, a BVI company focused on developing innovative technologies in the sphere of aearial survey and mapping, holds a series of meetings concerning the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the company. Mineseeker has already formed a joint venture company, Mineseeker Southern Africa Ltd, and will open negotiations for aearial survey contracts aimed at liberating large sections of land affected by unexploded ordnance.

Mineseeker CEO Mike Kendrick and the Commercial Director of the BVI company Mark Dorey are visiting the area for four days of meetings, scheduled with governments and stakeholders representing the contaminated areas, to formalize and scope the projects, and to establish the commercial structure and pricing of the potential contracts.

The BVI company will be looking for further investment partners in order to meet its objectives in African region, and will meet with the company that has made a specific proposal for the funding of the coconut factory in Mozambique.

A report on the results of the meeting will be available when the management team of the BVI company returns to the UK.