Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BVI-registered Minexco Minerals Corp. signed agreement for gold exploration

Canada-based company U3O8 Corp., focused on exploration and resource expansion of uranium and green commodities in South America, and British Virgin Islands-incorporated private company Minexco Minerals Corporation signed definitive agreement. According to this agreement, Minexco Minerals Corp. will acquire from Canadian company non-core exploration properties in Guyana. This transaction will be followed by the consolidation of exploration properties around Minexco's Tamakay gold concession. The principal targets in the consolidated exploration area are gold and potential for gold-copper deposits.

Under the terms of the transaction, Minexco will issue up to nine million shares (approximately 13% of shares outstanding) to U3O8 Corp. at a deemed price of Cdn$0.30 per shares, in consideration for seven grassroots concessions' transfer to Minexco. Also, U3O8 Corp. may acquire up to an additional US$1.2 million worth of Minexco Shares or units in subsequent financings for a period up to 18 months.

The BVI company will finance the exploration within an area of interest, which has been jointly defined by the two parties to comprise Minexco's Tamakay Gold Project and U308 Corp's seven non-core properties. Exploration will be carried out by U3O8 Corp's Guyana team on a contract basis.

U3O8 Corp's President and CEO, Dr. Richard Spencer, has been appointed to Minexco's board. U308 Corp will also receive preferential right to participate in future financings undertaken by Minexco, as long as U308 Corp. continues to hold at least 10% of Minexco's shares outstanding.