Thursday, August 30, 2012

BVI company receives “going private” proposal and forms special committee

LJ International Inc., a NASDAQ-listed company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, engaged in retail and wholesale of jewellery, received a preliminary, non-binding proposal letter from Mr. Yu Chuan Yih, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Company, and Urban Prosperity Holding Limited, an affiliate of FountainVest Partners, for the acquisition of all of the outstanding ordinary shares of the company (except for 11% of shares currently owned by Mr. Yih), at a proposed price of US$2.00 per ordinary share, in cash.

According to the proposal letter, an acquisition vehicle is to be established for the purpose of pursuing the transaction. The Board of Directors of LJ International has formed a special committee consisting of three independent disinterested directors, which task is to appoint an independent financial advisor and legal counsel to assist it in its work. The special committee has not made any decisions and has not set a definitive timetable for the completion of its evaluation of the proposal.