Saturday, January 30, 2010

China-based auto parts manufacturer purchases majority stake in the BVI company

Wonder Auto Technology Inc, an auto parts maker based in China, has received greater access into auto safety and electronic systems market after having purchased a majority stake in the British Virgin Islands-registered Applaud Group Limited, which owns 52.2 per cent of a hi-tech auto parts supplier Jinsheng Automotive Safety Technology Holdings Ltd.

The acquisition was made through two deals. The first deal was when Wonder Auto's wholly-owned subsidiary, Wonder BVI, entered into an equity transfer deal with another British Virgin Islands-registered corporation Novophalt (China) Limited. Under the deal, Wonder BVI will purchase its 20.95 per cent ownership of Applaud Group Limited.

The second deal was closing of a similar acquisition deal by other wholly-owned subsidiary of Wonder Auto's, Yearcity Limited, with a British Virgin Islands corporation Wonder Employee Capital Limited (WECL). By terms of this deal, Yearcity will purchase its 17.46 per cent ownership of Applaud from WECL.

As a result of these deals, Wonder Auto bought 38.36 per cent of Applaud and thereby became the owner of 20.02 per cent of Jinsheng. The acquisition is strategically significant, as the deal will help Wonder Auto and Jinsheng to fully use their customer bases, expanding cross-selling, upgrading Research and Development sector, sharing technologies and increasing value-added services of existing products.

Wonder Auto is China's leading company in the field of the design, development, manufacturing and sale of auto electrical parts, its products being concentrated toward components for autos with engine capacity below 1.6L. It has experienced rapid growth in the last years, along with the expansion of this market segment and the worldwide trend towards environment-friendly low emission vehicles.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sino-Forest Corporation to acquire BVI-registered Homix Limited

Sino-Forest Corporation, a leading commercial forest plantation operator in China, announced that one of its wholly owned subsidiaries acquired Homix Limited (BVI), a company engaged in research, development and manufacturing of engineered-wood products in China, for an aggregate amount of US$7.1 million. The acquisition transaction included company's facilities in mainland China and its patents.

Homix Limited is a sole proprietorship company incorporated under the law of the British Virgin Islands. Also, the BVI company has an R&D laboratory and two engineered-wood manufacturing enterprises based in Guangzhou and Jiangsu Provinces, covering eastern and southern China wood product markets. Homix specializes in curing, drying and dyeing methods for engineered wood, and has the know-how to produce recomposed wood products. The company has developed a number of new technologies with patent rights.
By words of Sino-Forest's Chairman and CEO Mr. Allen Chan, by acquiring Homix, which has “significant technological capabilities in engineered-wood processing”, they intend to use six-year eucalyptus fibre instead of 30-year tree fibre from other species, to produce quality lumber using recomposed technology, and by this to preserve natural forests and improve the demand for and pricing of planted eucalyptus trees.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gateway Certifications announced merger with BVI-based fuel company

Gateway Certifications, Inc. announced that in November 2009 it acquired Jianye Greentech Holdings Ltd., a privately held corporation registered in the British Virgin Islands. The transaction was signed in accordance with an Agreement and Plan of Share Exchange.

JGH is a holding company whose principal operating companies are involved in developing, manufacturing and distribution of alcohol-based automobile fuel products in China. BVI company's products are designed to function as a lower-cost alternative to conventional gasoline-based auto fuel.

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, Gateway acquired BVI company in exchange for an aggregate amount of 3,548,796 newly issued shares of its common stock. Also, according to this agreement, the company approved an amendment to the company's Articles of Incorporation, having changed the name of the Registrant to American Jianye Greentech Holdings Ltd.

Additionally, Gateway Certifications approved a forward-split of its common stock on the basis of 7.89 for 1, and is applying for the split to take effect in the market, at which time 31,393,765 shares of common stock will be issued and outstanding. Upon the filing of a Definitive Information Statement and effectiveness of the name change, Gateway Certifications intends to apply to change its OCBB stock symbol.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Link Resources, Inc. acquires BVI-registered parent company of Bohai Pharmaceuticals

Nevada-based company Link Resources, Inc. completed share exchange transaction and US$12 million private placement pursuant to which it acquired the parent company of Yantai Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group Co., Ltd. Under the terms of the share exchange transaction, the shareholders of Chance High International Limited, Bohai's indirect parent company registered in the British Virgin Islands, exchanged all of their BVI company's equity for 13,162,500 shares of Link Resources, representing approximately 81% of its outstanding shares. Now Chance High is a directly held, wholly-owned subsidiary of Link.

In the private placement Link issued 6,000,000 units at a price of $2 per unit, resulting in gross proceeds of $12,000,000. Net proceeds to Link made approximately $9,700,000. Each unit consists of $2 principal amount, two year convertible note and a three year warrant to purchase one share of Link common stock at $2.40 per share.

Assuming full conversion of the notes and exercise of the warrants, offering investors would own approximately 26.9% of the outstanding shares of Link and the former shareholders of BVI-registered Chance High, would own approximately 59.2% of the outstanding shares of the US company. Another British Virgin Islands-registered company, Glory Period Limited, which is a shareholder of Chance High, would become the owner of approximately 40% the outstanding shares of Link assuming full conversion of the notes and exercise of the warrants.

Yantai Bohai Pharmaceuticals is located in Shandong Province, China, and engaged in the production, manufacturing and distribution of traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

US exploration company acquires BVI-registered APM Mining Ltd.

The US-based mineral exploration and development company Gentor Resources, Inc. announced that a letter of intent has been signed by Gentor and Arabian Peninsula Projects Ltd., African Precious Minerals Ltd. and Tembo Capital LLP, relating to the acquisition by the US company of all of the issued and outstanding equity securities of British Virgin Islands-registered APM Mining Limited. By terms of this transaction, 13.063 million of Gentor's previously authorized and unissued common shares will be exchanged for ownership of 100% of the BVI company.

Upon the conclusion of the transaction, Gentor will receive secured earn-in rights in two exploration blocks in the Sultanate of Oman, totalling 1,266 square kilometers. The US company is planning to increase its exploration holdings in the region in order to become a leading exploration company focused on this region.

BVI-registered APM Mining Limited is a mineral exploration company having the earn-in rights to specific exploration ground holdings in Oman, comprising strategic sites identified as having significant potential for copper mineralization.

It is anticipated that Gentor will execute a definitive agreement and conclude the closing of the acquisition transaction within the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gurit makes acquisition deal with the BVI company

Gurit Holding, an international company which takes leading positions in the development and manufacturing of advanced composite materials and solutions in the markets of Wind Energy, Transportation and Marine areas, has signed an agreement with Windy Shore Holdings Limited, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands. By terms of the agreement the Swiss company will acquire Suzhou Red Maple Wind Blade Mould Co. Ltd., Taicang, Jiangsu/China, by taking over its parent company Cheer Tech Investment Limited, based in Hong Kong, from the BVI company owning it.

The acquisition will allow Gurit to substantially increase its strategic technology and product offering in the rapidly growing Wind Energy market, especially in Asia and China. By signing the agreement with Windy Shore Holdings to acquire Suzhou Red Maple, Gurit acquires the market leading Chinese producer of wind turbine blade moulds thus expanding its offering especially in the infusion technology segment of the Wind Energy Market. Suzhou Red Maple is located in Taicang, Jiangsu/PRC, having generated annual sales volume of around CHF 30 million in 2009.

The price of the acquisition deal will consist of an initial payment and performance based installments over the next three years, and will make about CHF 40 million. The acquisition transaction is expected to be closed before the end of 2009. With this acquisition, China becomes largest production base of Gurit.