Friday, June 22, 2012

Mineseeker completed joint venture formalities in South Africa

British Virgin Islands-based company Mineseeker Operations has completed all the necessary joint venture agreements with its South African partner MMRR Risk Management. As a result of this, Mineseeker Operations South Africa has been established, which is fully compliant with the corporate legal framework in South Africa.

Now the BVI company will move forward with the next steps in contract negotiations for minefield surveys with the South African and Angolan governments.

By words of Mineseeker Commercial Director, Mark Dorey, all the formalities and necessary documentation for the joint venture have now been completed, while the Memorandum of Understanding was signed in March of this year, after a series of negotiations. 74 per cent of the joint venture is held by Mineseeker, and 26 per cent is owned by local partners of the BVI company, in accordance with South African Black Economic Empowerment regulations that govern the corporate structural requirements of foreign joint venture partners. Mineseeker will issue a comprehensive corporate release to inform shareholders and investors on the progress.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gushan Environmental Energy Limited entered into definitive agreement with BVI-registered Trillion Energy Holdings Limited

Gushan Environmental Energy Limited, a manufacturer of copper products and a producer of biodiesel in China, entered into an agreement and plan of merger with Trillion Energy Holdings Limited, a British Virgin Islands business company limited by shares, Trillion Energy Investments Holdings Limited, Cayman Islands-based exempted company wholly-owned by Trillion Energy, and Mr. Jianqiu Yu, Gushan's Chairman and Principal Executive Officer. Mr. Jianqiu Yu is the whole owner of the BVI company. He also owns approximately 34.8% of Gushan's issued and outstanding ordinary shares and intends to finance the merger and other transactions contemplated by this merger agreement with his own funds.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, the Cayman Islands company will be merged with and into Gushan, which will become the wholly-owned subsidiary of the BVI company, and each ordinary share of Gushan will be cancelled in exchange for the right to receive US$0.162 in cash without interest, except for the ordinary shares beneficially owned by the Mr. Jianqiu Yu, which will be cancelled without receiving any consideration, and owned by holders of such ordinary shares who have validly exercised and not effectively withdrawn or lost their appraisal rights pursuant to Section 238 of the Cayman Islands Companies Law, as amended.

The merger is currently expected to close before the end of the third quarter of 2012. If completed, the merger will result in the Chinese company becoming privately-held, and its being delisted ffrom the New York Stock Exchange.

Monday, June 4, 2012

BVI company announced acquisition of securities of Red Tiger Mining Inc.

British Virgin Islands-incorporated company Zaruma Gold Mining Ltd. made an announcement that, pursuant to a private placement financing, its joint actors Kirkland Intertrade Corp. and Unique Goals International Ltd, both also based in the British Virgin Islands, each acquired beneficial ownership of and control or direction over 1,818,181 units of Red Tiger Mining Inc., a copper and near-term gold producer, at a price of CDN$0.55 per Unit, for aggregate consideration of CDN$1,999,999.10.

Prior to the completion of the Private Placement, the BVI-registered Kirkland beneficially owned and/or exerecised control or direction over 1,968,492 common shares and 12, 313, 980 Warrants and Unique beneficially owned and/or exercised control or direction over 1,696,900 common shares. This represented approximately 3% of the issued and outstanding common shares for Kirkland and approximately 2.59% of the issued and outstanding common shares for Unique. When aggregated and combined with the 39,242,000 common shares beneficially owned and/or controlled or directed by Zaruma Gold Mining Ltd., the company represented approximately 65.45% of the issued and outstanding common shares.

Following the completion of the Private Placement, Kirkland beneficially owns and/or exercises control or direction over 3,785,673 common shares and 14,132,161 Warrants and Unique beneficially owns and/or exercises control or direction over 3,515,081 Common Shares and 1,818,181 Warrants. This represents approximately 5.47% of the issued and outstanding common shares for Kirkland and 5.08% of the issued and outstanding common shares for Unique.