Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exploration company acquires interest in BVI corporation

BVI-registered company Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas Ltd. entered into an agreement with Azimuth Ltd., an exploration and production company incorporated in Bermuda and jointly owned by Seacrest Capital Ltd. and Petroleum Geo-Services ASA. By terms of the agreement, Azimuth has subscribed for C$3 million of BVI company's private placement announced in December 2011.

Pursuant to this agreement, Azimuth will acquire 20% working interest in each of Eco Atlantic's offshore Namibia licenses, in return for funding 40% of the cost of 3D seismic surveys. The assignment of a 20% working interest in the Licenses to Azimuth is subject to a number of conditions, including the approval of Namibia's Ministry of Mines and Energy and the completion of a definitive farm-in agreement.

Currently, Eco Atlantic holds a 90% working interest in the Namibian Licenses, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Eco Oil and Gas Namibia (PTY) Ltd. and NAMCOR, the Namibian national oil and gas company, is the holder of 10% working interest. As a result of this transaction, Eco Namibia will have 70% interest, Azimuth will own 20% interest. Eco Atlantic, through the project management group of Kinley Exploration and Azimuth, will be responsible for designing, sourcing and operating all aspects of the 3D seismic program.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giga Capital Corporation Signed LOI with the BVI company

A capital pool company Giga Capital Corporation signed a letter of intent dated November 28, 2011 with Chang Li Holdings Ltd., which is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and has an office in Hong Kong. The agreement concerns the proposed acquisition of all the issued and outstanding shares of Tongli Enterprises Development (HK) Company Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of the BVI company, incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong.

Tongli is involved in the business of the market development and sales of neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) rare earth permanent magnetic materials and devices, which are necessary for computers, mobile phones, most audio and video equipment, generators and medical equipment.

It is provided by the LOI that the currently issued and outstanding 7,660,000 Common Shares of Giga Capital Corporation will be consolidated on a 5 for 1 basis. The consolidation was approved by the shareholders of the corporation.

Friday, December 16, 2011

BVI company completes acquisition transaction

Emerging Metals Limited, a British Virgin Islands company working in the industry of minor metals and rare earth elements, announced that in the beginning of December it has exercised its option to acquire all of the issued and to be issued ordinary shares of Ferrum Resources Limited, a private iron ore exploration and mining company also registered in BVI. Prior to the announcements made in June 2011 and subsequently, Ferrum Resources was 37.23 per cent associate of Emerging Metals, so now, upon having acquired some 62.77 per cent of it, Emerging Metals holds full stock of Ferrum Resources.

The acquisition will involve the issue of 316,574,265 new ordinary shares of no par value at Emerging Metals Limited, with an aggregate value of approximately £4.9 million. Additionally, Emerging Metals Limited will grant warrants over a further of 57,280,000 of its new ordinary shares, each for a term of five years and with an exercise price per share of 4.88 pence, and options over a further 5,012,000 new ordinary shares in respect of Ferrum employee options.

This transaction will constitute a reverse takeover under the AIM rules.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Living 3D Holdings, Inc. acquires BVI company

China-based media technology corporation Living 3D Holdings, Inc. announced that it has acquired privately held company Living 3D Holdings, Ltd., which is focused on the marketing and sale of 3D image display devices in China.

Living 3D Holdings, which was incorporated on June 23, 2008 in the British Virgin Islands, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese company on December 8, 2011, when its shareholders purchased 3,627,426 shares of common stock from company's shareholders, and exchanged all of their shares in Living 3D for 62,590,880 shares of common stock of Living 3D Holdings, Inc.

After the transactions, the shareholders of Living 3D own approximately 95% of the company's issued and outstanding common stock.