Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ferro Iron Ore Corp. signed agreements with BVI companies for reverse takeover

Last week, Ferro Iron Ore Corp. signed a definitive agreement with the shareholders of Continent Treasure Limited, a company incorporated under the British Virgin Islands law, to effect a business combination between Ferro Iron Ore and the BVI company and to receive a 77.5% interest in Mongolian exploration license No. 14491X, covering 6,092.45 hectares of exploration area in North Central Mongolia.

Also, Ferro Iron Ore reached a definitive agreement to get the remaining 22.5% interest in the Exploration License through a business combination with another BVI-registered entity, Blue Eagle Trading Limited.

Continent Treasure Limited holds a 77.5% shareholding interest in Accuracy Trade Limited, a British Virgin Islands company that owns 100% of Khandgait Mining LLC, a Mongolian legal entity, which, in turn, owns 100% of Khandgait Gol LLC, a Mongolian legal entity that holds the Exploration License. The remaining 22.5% shareholding interest in ATL is owned by Blue Eagle, also a British Virgin Islands company. The principal shareholders of Continent Treasure Limited are Infinity Eagle Limited, Treasure Carriage Limited, Barlow Lake Limited, and Oceanward Limited, all of which are British Virgin Islands companies.

Under the TSX Venture Exchange Policy, the proposed business combinations will represent a reverse takeover for Ferro Iron Ore and are considered arm's length transactions.

Pursuant to the terms of these business combinations, Ferro Iron Ore will pay $250,000 cash and issue a number of common shares, which will result in a change of control of the company. Also, the Company intends to complete an equity financing to raise approximately $2.85 million. The financing is expected to be completed by issuing approximately 11,400,000 common shares at a price of $0.25 per share. It will also issue 2,100,000 common shares as a finder's fee in connection with the Proposed Business Combinations.

Following the proposed business transactions and the financing, the shareholders of CTL, Blue Eagle, and parties related to the shareholders of CTL who participate in the Financing will own approximately 68.3% of issued and outstanding common shares.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hallwood Group received acquisition proposal from its BVI-based shareholder

The Hallwood Group Incorporated, based in Delaware, announced that it received a proposal from Hallwood Financial Limited, a company domiciled in the British Virgin Islands, to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of the Group, not beneficially owned by Hallwood Financial, at US$10.00 per share.

Hallwood Financial Limited owns 65.7% of the outstanding shares of the Hallwood Group Incorporated, and is controlled by the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

A special committee, consisting of Hallwood Group’s independent directors, was formed to consider and negotiate the proposal and to make a recommendation to the full Board of Directors. The special committee is empowered to retain its own independent legal and financial advisors to assist in its review and negotiation of the proposed transaction.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pansoft completes merger with BVI companies

In the end of October, BVI-registered Pansoft Company Limited filed its merger agreement and the related board resolutions with the Corporate Registry of British Virgin Islands, to complete the merger with other BVI companies Timesway Group Limited and its direct wholly-owned subsidiary Genius Choice Capital Limited. The agreement and the plan of merger were approved by the shareholders of Pansoft Limited, at the extraordinary meeting held on September 26, 2012.

The merger will become effective upon the completion of the merger registration with the BVI Corporate Registry, which should be confirmed during a week. After merger, Pansoft intends to commence the payment of merger considerations to its stockholders.

As a part of the merger registration process with the BVI Corporate Registry, independent directors of the Board of Directors of Pansoft were required to resign. Their resignations were accepted, being effective as of October 23,2012.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

BVI company entered into merger agreement with China Growth Equity Investment Ltd.

China Growth Equity Investment Ltd., a special purpose acquisition company registered as Cayman Islands exempt company and listed on the Nasdaq, entered into a definitive merger agreement with China Dredging Group Co., Ltd - a limited liability company, registered in the British Virgin Islands and based in China, and with Fujian Provincial Pingtan County Ocean Fishing Group Co., Ltd. By terms of the agreement, China Growth is to merge with China Dredging Group, and to acquire Pingtan Fishing. 

The combined entity will be renamed into Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd. Upon completion of the merger and the acquisition, the founder, Chairman and controlling shareholder of China Dreedging Group and Pingtan Fishing, Xinrong Zhuo, will become the chairman of the merged company.

China Dredging Group is a BVI holding company, focused on providing dredging services in China through its Chinese subsidiary. Pingtan Fishing is a rapidly growing fishing company, providing quality seafood in China.

Upon completion of the transaction, China Growth shareholders will own approximately 7.75% of the outstanding ordinary shares of the combined company. After the closing, China Growth will have approximately 78,962,376 ordinary shares outstanding, valuing the company at approximately $783 million. 

The business combination is subject to the approval of shareholders of China Growth Equity, and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2013.

Xuesong Song, China Growth's board chairman, said in his comments on the transaction: "CGEI's combination with CDGC and Pingtan Fishing is the culmination of our search for a successful company with a proven track record of profitability and attractive growth prospects… We believe that CDGC's highly profitable dredging business represents a unique opportunity as one of the largest dredging providers in China. Pingtan Fishing provides the combined company with a strong and fast growing platform in a fragmented industry."