Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sino Gas International Holdings and its BVI subsidiary signed agreement with AMP Capital Asian Giants Infrastructure Fund

Sino Gas International Holdings, Inc. has entered into a Subscription Agreement by and among the company Sino Gas Construction Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company registered in the British Virgin Islands, and AMP Capital Asian Giants Infrastructure Fund (AGIF). In connection with this transaction, Sino Gas International Holdings signed the shareholders agreement with the BVI-incorporated Sino Gas Construction Limited and AGIF.

Under the terms of the shareholders agreement between the parties, they will manage and control the BVI subsidiary and its investment in Qujing City Fuel Gas Co., Limited. The purpose of this agreement is to facilitate the development and expansion of the business operated by Qujing Gas in accordance with the business plan, and to pursue gas distribution opportunities in other large and medium-sized cities in Yunnan Province, China.

Sino Gas International Holdings, Inc., through its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Zhong Ran Wei Ye Gas Co., and the subsidiaries of Beijing Gas, is a leading developer of natural gas distribution systems in small and medium size cities in China. The company owns and operates natural gas distribution systems in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui and Yunnan Provinces of China.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

BVI company to complete previously announced acquisition

British Virgin Islands-registered company White Tiger Gold Ltd. (formerly, SL Resources Inc.) has announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition of four wholly-owned subsidiaries of LLC UK Dalsvetmet, being Ildikangold, Dalsvetmet, LLC Koryakming and Vostokzvetmet, and the entire 80% interest of DZM in a fifth subsidiary, LLZ Geozvetmet in exchange for the issuance of 85,000,000 common shares of the company to DZM. The acquisition, which is made through the wholly-owned Cyprus subsidiary of the BVI company, Diascia Investments Limited, is accounted for as a reverse takeover.

White Tiger Gold will carry on the business of the four companies purchased, which consists of the acquisition, exploration, development and mining of mineral properties in Russia. In addition, White Tiger Gold will continue its exploration activities on its other properties and licence areas with a view to discovering economically viable production sites. The Company will also actively seek, evaluate and acquire interests in other projects or business opportunities in the mineral exploration industry that are indicated to have substantial potential.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

CIC Energy to merge with JSW Energy Natural Resources (BVI) Limited

The British Virgin Islands-registered company CIC Energy Corp. has entered into binding agreement with the India-based power company JSW Energy Limited.

Under the terms of the agreement, the transaction, which has been approved by the respective boards of directors of JSW and CIC Energy, was to be structured as a take-over bid, but according to supplementary agreement signed on December 16, 2010, the legal structure of completing the proposed acquisition has been changed to a merger.

CIC Energy agreed to support a merger of CIC Energy with JSW Energy Natural Resources (BVI) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of JSW, with JSW (BVI) being the surviving entity as a result of the merger.

Upon the completion of the merger, the shareholders of the outstanding shares of the BVI company, including any shares pursuant to the exercise of outstanding options, will receive CDN$7.42 per share.

The offer of JSW represents a premium of 203% to the volume weighted average trading price for CIC Energy's shares on the TSX for the 30-trading day period ending September 14, 2010 – the day prior to the announcement of the first proposal received by the BVI company with respect to its acquisition. It represents a premium of 159% to the closing price of CIC Energy’s shares on the same date.

By this offer, the total equity of CIC Energy is valued at approximately CDN$422 million on 56.8 million shares. The Board of Directors of the company has determined to recommend acceptance of the offer by CIC Energy shareholders.

The Merger is expected to close no later than February 28, 2011.

Monday, December 13, 2010

GlaxoSmithKline to acquire Chinese unit of BVI-registered company

GlaxoSmithKline P.L.C., a pharmaceutical company headquartered in the UK with operations based in the US, mainly in the Philadelphia area, announced about its plans to purchase the Chinese company Nanjing MeiRui Pharma Co. Ltd., for about US$70 million in cash. The acquisition transaction is expected to close by the end of 2010.

MeiRui is the Chinese unit of privately owned British Virgin Islands-incorporated company Pagoda Pharma Group Inc. The company has a manufacturing site in Jiangsu Province.

By this deal, international pharmaceutical company is planning to increase its presence in China and gain access to MeiRui's portfolio of urology and allergy products.

Monday, December 6, 2010

BVI company purchases 19.7% common stock of South American Silver Corp.

British Virgin Islands-registered company Zamin Precious Minerals Limited announced that it purchased 18,900,000 common shares of South American Silver Corp. (SAC), mineral exploration company focused on making operations in Bolivia and Chile. This amount represents approximately 19.7% of the issued and outstanding shares of SAC.

18,300,000 common shares of SAC are purchased by Zamin pursuant to a subscription agreement on 7 November 2010. Subsequently the BVI company agreed to increase the common shares of SAC to be purchased to 18,900,000, pursuant to restated subscription agreement signed between the parties on 30 November, 2010.

Share purchase by Zamin is part of a private placement offering of 27,499,378 common shares of South American Silver, which closed on 30 November, 2010. The common shares of SAC acquired by the BVI company were issued at a price of C$1.16 per share, for a total consideration of C$21,924,000.

As part of the Offering, Zamin acquired control and direction of the common shares issued to Zamin for investment purposes.