Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BVI-registered shareholder of Finnish company announces change of shareholding

Ruukki Group Plc, the company which specialises in industrial refining of certain natural resources and working in the areas of wood processing and minerals, has received the announcement regarding change of shareholding from the British Virgin Islands-registered Kermas Ltd. The BVI company announced that, based on share transactions carried out on May 14, 2009, its current ownership has exceeded 15% of the share capital and voting rights of Ruukki Group Plc.

Kermas Ltd. (BVI) also informed that it now owns Ruukki Group Plc shares and forward contracts in the following order: current ownership of shares makes 41,111,200 (15.75%), potential future ownership will add 45,255,300 (or 17.34%), while potential future ownership as an option arrangement will add 73,170,731 (or 28,03%). Total amount of shares will make 159,537, or 61.12%. Forward contracts will expire in June 2009.

The registered number of shares of Ruukki Group Plc is 261, 034, 022, and share capital is EUR 23, 642,049.60. The number of treasury shares held by the Group on May 15, 2009 was 10,700,000 shares.