Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SMSA Treemont Acquisition Corp. merges with BVI company

Texas-based SMSA Treemont Acquisition Corp. announced that it had consummated a Share Exchange Agreement with the British Virgin Islands company Xiangrui Pharmaceutical International Limited (XPI) and its sole shareholder.

According to the agreement, SMSA acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding capital stock of XPI from its shareholder, which now owns approximately 93% of the 13,294,500 issued and outstanding shares of SMSA. Additionally, designees of XPI's sole shareholder took director and officer positions with SMSA. SMSA will succeed to the business of XPI and its affiliated companies.

Mr. Guangyin Meng, the new Chairman of SMSA, stated that the transaction has given to the company the access to the U.S. capital markets, with the intent of capitalizing on significant growth opportunities.

BVI-registered XPI, through its operating subsidiaries and VIE relationships, is a producer of pharmaceutical and food-grade refined corn products for the Chinese market.