Monday, August 26, 2013

Chinese medical company’s shareholders establish BVI company for share acquisition purposes

Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited, a specialty hospital management solution provider company that operates the largest network of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centres in the PRC, announced that the company’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Jianyu Yang, and its director, President and COO, Mr. Zheng Cheng, together with some other shareholders, have entered into the Share Purchase Agreements. 

Concord Medical informed that pursuant to these Share Purchase Agreements, Mr. Yang and Mr. Cheng have agreed to incorporate a British Virgin Islands company, which will purchase 37,064,808 ordinary shares and 4,660,976 American Depository Shares, each of them representing 3 ordinary shares of the Company, from certain other shareholders for a purchase price of US$6.10 per American Depositary Share, and an aggregate purchase price of US$103,797,063.21.

It is expected that, upon the closing of this acquisition transaction, Mr. Yang and Mr. Cheng will increase their aggregate beneficial ownership in the Company to approximately 48.0%.