Friday, March 1, 2013

BVI company to acquire shares of LDK Solar

LDK Solar Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic products, announced the sale of its 5,000,000 newly issued ordinary shares to Fulai Investments Limited, a company incorporated under the British Virgin Islands law and wholly owned by Mr. Cheng Kin Ming, a Chinese merchant conducting business in Hong Kong.

In January 2013, LDK Solar entered into a share purchase agreement with Fulai Investments Limited, pursuant to which both companies are to fulfil the closing conditions to consummate the transaction prior to February 28, 2013. The shares are sold to the BVI company at a purchase price of US$1.83 per share, with an aggregate purchase price of US$9,150,000, completing the first portion of the transaction contemplated in the share purchase agreement.

The remaining 12,000,000 shares are to be issued and sold on or prior to March 28, 2013. Fulai Investments Limited also has the right to designate two non-executive directors to the LDK Solar board upon consummation of the transaction.